George W. Powell, Ph.D., P.Ag.

Professional Agrologist with over 20 years of experience in delivering professional research and development support.

Independent Actionable Advice

Delivering innovative natural resource management solutions.

Management, Planning and Enterprise Development Support

Specializing in integrated production systems.

Education and Extension Services

Communications for science, technology and management interpretations.

Research and Analytical Services

Providing a full range of support, from design to reporting.

Agri-Environmental Planning

Environmental Farm Plans, Beneficial Management Practices and more

Behind the Curtain

Dr. George W. Powell, Ph.D., P.Ag. (Consulting Agrologist)

Providing support to industry, government agencies, community and economic development groups in areas of agriculture, agroforestry, and integrated resource management. I welcome the opportunity to serve your planning and management needs, from providing turnkey enterprise solutions to contributing innovative, strategic advice to your project team.

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