Trees on Farms in British Columbia – Updated With 2021 Census Data

Updated and revised May 12, 2022 Yesterday saw the first release of 2021 Census of Agriculture data in Canada. A veritable feast of agricultural information is now being served up to the inner statistician in all of us. This again provided an opportunity to check up on the use of trees on British Columbia (BC) …

Trees on Farms in British Columbia

Tree use statistics for production and conservation on BC Farms from the 2016 Census of Agriculture. Area planted to tree fruits and shelterbelts increasing. Forest product sales from farms up over 40%. Christmas tree plantings down, number of maple taps is up.

Exotic Wild Berries and Fruits

Harvesting wild berries and fruit is a pastime that is healthful on many levels. My favourite exotic wild fruits for those want to take a walk on the wild side include thimbleberry, red elderberry, pin cherry, highbush cranberry and honey berry.

‘Tragedy of the Commons’ Redux

The emergence of the NTFP industry in BC has raised concerns about its impact on the forest ecosystems and on the aboriginal and other traditional users who depend on them. Without some concrete actions towards legitimizing and regulating the NTFP industry in BC then the price we will all pay for continued inaction is loss of part of our collective natural heritage and the loss of the opportunities to develop sustainable rural jobs and economic stability.