Agricultural Water Policy

This video is of a panel discussion I partipated in looking at agricultural water policy in the Cariboo and Okanagan regions of British Columbia. The panel discussion was part of a series on agricultural water policy challenges in a changing climate.

Ecological Services Initiative (aka Farmland Advantage) Review

A strategic review of the Ecological Services Initiative / Farmland Advantage Program was completed to guide future support programs for ecological goods and services from agricultural land in BC.

Moving North American Agroforestry Past ‘Next Big Thing’ Status

Continually characterizing agroforestry as novel seems like politico-speak for “we’ve ignored this issue along time and so we’re going to pretend we just discovered it.” It’s time to move past talk and more substantively into action. We need leaders – political, academic and industry – who will understand and vocalize agroforestry as a land use for the NOW and not just the future.