Getting Started in Agroforestry: Part 2, Markets

Agroforestry markets and marketing is one of the five key areas you should explore before establishing a new venture. After setting your production and conservation goals, your next planning step should focus on markets. Where and how you sell the ‘fruits’ of your labour is ultimately the most important factor in the success of agroforestry …

Can Club Varieties Revive the Orchard Industry?

The latest strategy in the tree-fruit business to develop niche markets is in the form of patent-protected “club” varieties. It remains to be seen is if this model will work in the long run or will just shift competition from niche vs commodity apples, to several club varieties competing for shelf space.

Organic Sector Drifting Towards Globalization

Organic agriculture, with solid double digit growth in annual sales, is one of the production success stories of the past decade. Unless industry and government work more effectively towards building domestic value-chains for the organic sector in this country, the past two decades of growth will only have succeeded in developing another high risk, low reward farming option.