Research and Analytics

  • Literature reviews, needs assessments and problem analyses;
  • Research proposals, working plans, reports, scientific and technical publications;
  • Design and implement research, demonstration and adaptive management trials;
  • Full range of analytical services, from data summaries to statistical analyses and interpretation of results.

Management and Enterprise Development Support

  • Integrated resource management plans;
  • Agroforestry and other farm practices assessments;
  • Industry and program development support including developing funding proposals, liaison work and partnership development.

Strategic Planning and Facilitation

  • Facilitating dialog and consensus among agriculture, conservation and natural resources management stakeholders;
  • Experience in working with diverse land and resource interests to build practical, multi-stakeholder solutions;
  • Individual or group consultations for strategic planning and facilitating regional and sector development.

Extension and Education Services

  • Writing and editing for all audiences: technical, scientific, producers and the general public;
  • Develop curriculum and learning materials;
  • Coordinate and deliver short courses, training sessions, field tours, workshops and conferences.