Agroforestry Options for Land Use Planning

The following is an excerpt of my presentation delivered this morning in Whistler at the 2009 BC Land Summit, titled “Agroforestry: Integrated Options for Adapting to Change.”

Agroforestry is a group of integrated production opportunities that blend agriculture, silviculture and conservation practices in the same system. These systems can assist to strengthen and diversify the economy while also addressing conservation challenges.

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Diversify, Don’t ‘Diworseify’

Diversification can be a double edged sword. Know yourself and your capacities to find winning business ideas.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. An oft repeated axiom (particularly by me) for farm, woodlot, ranch or any enterprise highly dependent on one revenue stream. Recent painful lessons in what can happen to the highly concentrated abound.

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10 Ways Agroforestry Will Make the Planet Cleaner and Greener

Agroforestry is one of the ‘green’ technologies that can help the agricultural industry meet and exceed society’s demands for sustainable production practices. In a world of seemingly overwhelming environmental problems, it is good to know there are practical solutions available to meet these challenges head on. Or as I like to think of agroforestry, it is where the ‘green’ rubber hits the environmentally friendly road.

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