Trees on Farms in British Columbia

Tree use statistics for production and conservation on BC Farms from the 2016 Census of Agriculture. Area planted to tree fruits and shelterbelts increasing. Forest product sales from farms up over 40%. Christmas tree plantings down, number of maple taps is up.

Canada’s Shelterbelt Shutdown

Agriculture and Agri-food Canada’s (AAFC) decision last week to axe its long-running shelterbelt program, is not only a set-back for agroforestry in Canada, but could also have severe short and long-term implications for the sustainability of Prairie agriculture.

Agroforestry on Public Lands – Where Costs and Benefits Can Divide

The low adoption rate of agroforestry practices on public lands can be attribed to the lack of agroforestry tenures and the prevailing land use philosophy of managing conflicts, not integrating activities to create positive outcomes.